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Feasibility and Approvals  

Exploration results from two successful drilling campaigns in 2021 and 2022 have provided AR3 with confidence to progress to the next stage of the Koppamurra Project.

This stage will include commissioning a range of environmental studies to develop baseline information required for a Mining Lease (ML) application and supporting Mining Proposal (MP) under the Mining Act 1971 for submission to the Department for Energy and Mining (DEM).

Those studies will include but are not limited to, a review of the key environmental and socio-economic receptors in the area of the ML, such as:

  • Impacts to groundwater and any identified Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems
  • Heritage assessment and risk review
  • Ecological desktop studies, field surveys and impact assessment
  • Impacts to residential receptors for noise, vibration and air quality
  • Impacts to traffic and the road network
  • Impacts to surrounding visual amenity
  • Socio-economic impacts

Mining Lease Area

The preliminary proposed Mining Lease (ML) boundary includes land within the Comaum Forest Reserve which is currently managed by  OneFortyOne Plantations Pty Ltd.  The remaining land within the indicative ML boundary is privately owned under freehold title, and is generally used for grazing or cropping.

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Community feedback

Please use the form below for feedback on the proposed Koppamurra Mining Lease application.