Notice of Application for an Exploration Licence (EL007719)


Australian Rare Earths is the registered holder of the granted South Australian EL’s 6509 and 6613 and Victorian EL007254 and the registered applicant for South Australian ELA 2020/239 and ELA 2020/240 (collectively the Koppamurra Project or the Project).

The Company has entered into a Tenement Transfer Deed to effect the transfer for no consideration of the granted ELs (and in due course, the ELAs upon their grant), and subject to the requirements of applicable mining legislation in each of Victoria and South Australia to its wholly owned subsidiary RDBD Developments Pty Ltd.

RDBD Developments Pty Ltd is also currently the applicant for an additional EL in Victoria; EL007719

Victorian EL Application 7719 is an area prospective for clay hosted rare earth mineralisation which is contiguous with the Koppamurra Project

Exploration Application Documents