Koppamurra Groundwater Baseline Presentation


Presentation to the KLRG group by Hydrogeologist Paul Magarey  on the Koppamurra  Groundwater Baseline Report.
Includes Meeting Q&As and an updated KLRG General Q&As as an attachment.


  1. This Document is the Baseline Groundwater Assessment for the Koppamurra Rare Earths Project Conducted by  JBS&G Australia


  1. The scope of work for this report included, a baseline desktop  study reviewing all available reports and data for ground water in the region of the AR3 Mining Lease Application Area, along with on ground field work consisting of water well surveys and drilling investigations.
  2. The Mining Lease Area is in the Lower Limestone Coast Prescribed wells area and falls within the Naracoorte Ranges.
  3. The report discusses the available groundwater data near the proposed mining lease area, including well data analysis, depth to water, well yields and groundwater salinity.
  4. The project includes 14 operational wells identified within the ML area. The wells target both the Gambier Limestone and Dilwyn formation.
  5. The drill program installed monitoring wells to collect additional baseline data for water levels and quality and for future aquifer pumping tests.


  1. The report provides specific data trends for water levels and salinity at different observation wells, levels and salinity trends vary from less than 5m to 30m below ground, with some showing declines and others remaining stable.
  2. Ground water level trends show stability, responding to climatic patterns with some wells experiencing greater declines near the mature pine forests.
  3. It found that ground water in the area is generally fresh and suitable for stock, domestic purposes and irrigation purposes.
  4. There are no key or high value groundwater dependent ecosystems mapped with in the Groundwater Management area of Comaum.
  5. The report includes water quality data for various contaminants, such as heavy metals and compares them against acceptable levels and guidelines for different uses of water.


  1. The report provides recommendations for ongoing monitoring, additional monitoring wells, and a further baseline groundwater assessment for Stygofauna.

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