Our Community

Our tenements are located in a region that’s home to some of the most precious environments that are nationally recognised for their strategic value, as a critical primary production area.

The rare earth elements AR3 are targeting in this region are critical to producing cleaner energy technologies, aimed at decarbonising economies and building a more sustainable future.

AR3s focus is to find ways to investigate and extract these minerals in a safe and responsible manner, with a focus on protecting the communities in which we operate.

Building trust, respect and acceptance in the community is at the core of our values.

We understand the importance of developing long lasting relationships with landowners, to enable us to conduct our business, to access land to explore and potentially develop the underlying rare earth resources.

Engagement with our landholders forms a critical part of our activities. We are committed to always respecting landholders’ rights and will work in a respectful and courteous manner with all landholders within our tenure areas, acknowledging their operational constraints and enterprise values.

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We are committed to contributing to the communities where we operate, by employing local people, providing access payments to landholders, supporting local community groups, partnering with local schools to deliver rare earths educational resources and purchasing local goods and services wherever possible.

AR3 are committed to maintaining open and honest communication with our community and other stakeholders, to build respectful and positive relationships for the long term.

If you have any questions or concerns about our activities or just want to know more about our operations, please contact us, or register to receive our updates.

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AR3 places a high value on protecting the local environment and is working hard to ensure it can sustainably co-exist with other land users including the agricultural, viticulture and forestry sectors.

We work closely with government regulatory agencies and landholders to ensure we understand and manage risks to the environment.

All exploration activities at Koppamurra are conducted in accordance with an approved EPEPR – Exploration Program for Environment Protection and Rehabilitation pursuant to the Mining Act 1971 and approved by the Minister for Energy and Mining. The strong regulatory framework in South Australia provides a solid foundation to underpin AR3’s focus on being a sustainable explorer and developer of rare earth elements.

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The Rare Earth elements targeted in the Koppamurra project are contained to the shallow, mineralised clay layer which sits above the limestone aquifer, therefore interactions and impacts to groundwater from AR3 activities are highly unlikely.

Fast Facts:
The Koppamurra Project has rare earth minerals concentrated in the mineralised clay overlying the Gambier Limestone, the predominant groundwater source in the region.