The Koppamurra Project is a frontier ionic clay rare earth opportunity in South Australia and Victoria, Australia


AREL holds exploration licences, or licence applications, for the area between Comaum and Keith in South Australia and Apsley in Western Victoria, Australia. Two large prospects for rare earth elements have been discovered on AREL tenements, being the Yellow Tail and Red Tail prospects.

Australian Rare Earths

To support AREL’s vision to secure rare earth element materials for a more sustainable future, the following rare earth elements are the prime targets of our activities:

Light Rare Earth Elements

Heavy Rare Earth Elements

Low-impact mining method

Clay hosted rare earth mining is shallow-excavation mining involving progressive rehabilitation and is much lower impact than many other forms of mining.

The deposits of interest are non-radioactive, which is a significant advantage over other mineral sand and ‘hard rock’ rare earth element deposits. The progressive rehabilitation process will allow for the rapid restoration of the land to its former condition, along with the potential in some areas, working with landowners, to optimise the productivity of the land returned to them.

We value the agricultural landscape in the regions in which we operate and understand that water is a scarce commodity and needs to be secured for current and future generations. AREL will be focussed on ensuring our activities will not impact the regions precious water sources.

Partners with our community

Our tenements are part of a region that’s home to some of our most precious environments and are nationally recognised for their strategic value as a critical primary production area.

The rare earth elements AREL are targeting this region are critical to producing cleaner energy technologies aimed at decarbonsing economies and building a more sustainable future, therefore we must find ways to investigate and extract these materials in a safe and responsible manner, with a focus on protecting the communities in which we operate.

AREL want to maintain open and honest communication with our community and other stakeholders to build respectful and positive relationships for the long term. If you have any questions or concerns about our activities or just want to know more about our operations, please contact us, or register to receive our updates.